Gone Things

Gone Things

Gone Things hosts 3D models for printing that disappeared from thingiverse.com for some reason. Most of them now simply return 404 and were likely removed by the authors themselves, others were removed by thingiverse.com due to Copyright claims or other non-sense and antisocial Rules of The Day.

This site sucks. Take it as an inspiration to create a nice Hidden Service Thingiverse clone.

A big shout-out to ArchiveTeam for creating several . Please continue your awesome work!

All things on this page as a .zip. (800MB)

Last update: 2014-09-03

Former Thingiverse.com IDTitleAuthorDate
Flat pack coffee table2008-11-18
Old School Space Rocket... Whoosh!2008-11-24
TinTin rocket2009-06-26
P3P r3 Beta2009-07-21
Space Shuttle2009-08-04
Concept Extruder2009-09-19
cube - (5 spheres)2009-10-14
Soap Dish2009-10-21
Guitar Dulcimer2009-11-05
Ipod stand2009-12-21
15 mm Cube2009-12-27
Wobble Arrester2010-04-07
Really strong filament drive2010-04-12
RC Airplane Ski2010-04-14
quinns pin2010-04-14
Tock Gameboard2010-04-15
Temporary Tooth Implant2010-04-18
Boe-Bot Chassis2010-04-21
Interlocking Möbius Strips2010-04-21
Base for the really strong filament drive2010-04-21
Scaffolding test - sphere2010-04-21
Nuovo Torta Tre Monti - Topographically accurate cake-map of San Marino2010-04-27
AnVoTec Stepper Motor Driver V0022010-05-08
Largescale Cartesian Bot Concept2010-05-10
Rubber Band Gun2010-06-07
Deepwater Horizon solution2010-06-16
Open-Ended Fountain Pen2010-06-28
Makerbot Spindle holder 2010-07-16
Knob for a 1/4in. Hex Screw2010-07-23
Tiny Stairs2010-07-28
Parametric Power Ring2010-08-26
iPad Pinball Machine Button2010-08-31
Bowden end for new geared extruder nozzel2010-09-19
Turtle cupcake topper2010-09-20
Mendel inspired x and y carriage lowrider2010-09-24
Drive Chain2010-09-27
Hinge-less plastic chain2010-09-29
raftclamp for makerbot cupcake CNC2010-10-03
My brutal printer test2010-10-04
Mini printable lathe w/608 bearings2010-10-05
Mendel inspired x and y carriage lowrider for 624 bearings2010-10-13
16 speed transmission2010-10-18
Checkered Rocket2010-10-19
8mm rod 623 bearing Mendel inspired x and y carriage lowrider2010-10-22
Case for 4D Systems 1.7in PMOLED Serial Module2010-10-23
Elastic Crossbow2010-10-24
Airplane or Aeroplane2010-10-26
Desktop Catapult 22010-10-29
X-rod mount2010-10-29
Printable Wright bros. Toy Helicopter2010-10-30
Pencil Gun2010-11-05
Vader life size bust stand base2010-11-07
Tri Linear Bearing For 8mm Rods2010-11-10
Car Mount for Galaxy S2010-11-16
Makerbot Printable Transistor2010-12-14
Chiral Geodesic Sphere2010-12-14
Stepper Upgrade for MK5 Makerbot Plastruder2010-12-16
Warhammer 40k Dreadnought2010-12-17
Tintin Mushroom2011-01-09
1X2 35mm Vertex 2.02011-03-01
(not so) SUPER! Cupcake2011-01-31
Multimeter Holder2011-01-21
master chief2011-01-21
Simple Steps Pyramid2011-01-22
Coffee Filter Holder2011-01-23
3D game pieces2011-01-24
Reprap 1X22011-02-22
1X2 Motor Block 2.02011-03-02
1X2 DIY Belt2011-02-24
Improved Stepper Upgrade for Mk5!2011-01-26
Disc Catcher2011-01-26
Stepped Building2011-01-28
Central American Pyramid2011-01-28
M8 End Cap2011-01-29
Knife Holder2011-01-30
X/Y Extruder Head Hack (MakerBot Only)2011-01-31
Test of unsupported radius and angle overhang2011-02-01
From 2D to 3D2011-02-01
Opto Isolated Heater FET board2011-02-02
Extreme front fork for a Razor-type scooter2011-02-03
SnapOf-Knife Holder2011-02-03
DIY M3 standoff spacer2011-03-06
Arch Bridge2011-02-13
Arch Truss2011-02-13
Beam Bridge2011-02-13
MASTER CHIEF2011-02-14
Halo assault rifle2011-02-18
Cupcake Gen3 Extruder Controller Mount2011-02-16
LeatherMan Wave Holder2011-02-17
Cupcake ystage cable sled2011-02-17
Modular Goggles2011-02-18
Continuous Raftless Multilayer Object Larger than Longest Bar of a Reprap2011-02-20
1X2 Plotter Head2011-03-02
1X2 Conveyor Belt2011-03-02
1X2 Footed Vertex2011-03-02
1X2 Belt Clamp Block2011-03-02
1X2 X-axis motor block2011-03-02
1X2 X-Carriage2011-03-02
1X2 Scoop Extruder 2.02011-03-02
1X2 DIY Vinyl Drive Pulley2011-02-24
Pasta box endcap2011-02-21
Letters for Webca's 3D printed full size Makerbot2011-02-24
1X2 X-axis Pulley block v2.12011-03-02
Convex Crown Pulley2011-03-01
Clonedel -- A Prusa Mendel Inspired RepStrap2011-03-02
T-O-M DC servo drive for the X-Y2011-03-03
Simple heatsink mod for the T-O-M X axis motor2011-03-03
Can anyone turn this picture file into a 3d printable .stl2011-03-03
DIY Coil2011-03-14
I scan 3D with my iPhone2011-03-15
Tall T-O-M2011-03-16
Makergear hot end Prusa Adapter - Parametric 2011-03-18
Modestly Happy Eggman2011-03-19
OpenSCAD tut2011-03-21
Reprap 1X2 TALLCAT2011-03-28
Robotic arm2011-03-25
1X2 TALLCAT Footed Vertex2011-03-29
giraffe head 2011-03-27
Extruder Controller 3.6 power plug2011-03-27
Printed Pump2011-04-10
A head2011-03-28
Parametric Solder Spool Holder2011-03-29
1X2 TALLCAT X-Motor Mount2011-03-29
1X2 TALLCAT X-Pulley Block2011-03-29
1X2 Thin-Profile Motor Block2011-03-29
ShiftBrite Mount VAS (Vertical Above Surface)2011-03-31
ShiftBrite Mount VBS (Vertical Below Surface)2011-03-31
ShiftBrite Mount RAS (Right-angle Above Surface)2011-04-02
MegaBrite Mount VAS (Vertical Above Surface)2011-04-03
Spiral thing2011-04-03
BatchPCB Gerber files for PSCC v1.5.2 stepper controllerljyang by2011-04-05
BatchPCB Gerber files for Heated Build Platform v2.0Makerbot by2011-04-05
Parametric Round Clips2011-04-07
Type A Printer MK1. Component module A.2011-04-10
1X2 Y-Carriage2011-04-10
LM8UU Snap Fit Bearing Holder Y-Axis2011-04-12
Type A Printer MK1. Component module B.2011-04-18
Sculpture 12011-04-18
Type A Printer MK1. Component module C.2011-04-25
Ultimachine Spool Spacer2011-04-19
Pipe Clamp2011-04-21
Vise Grip Soft Jaws2011-04-23
ToM filament guide2011-04-25
MK5 SPESIAL DC offcenter2011-04-26
Ranque-Hilsch Effect Tube 2011-04-27
Thingomatic X stage idler tensioner2011-05-01
Another spool2011-05-02
Retainer for Insulators that have a groove.2011-05-02
Sanguinololu V1.0 Coaster2011-06-02
Skull Bowl2011-06-02
Sanguinololu V1.0 Case w/cooling2011-06-02
Mendel Sanguinololu Holder2011-08-10
Cupcake with Gen4 and MK6+ Stepper extruder2011-08-10
NEMA 14 Wade2011-08-11
Desk Concept2011-08-24
Printable Birdhouse2011-08-25
Automated cat food dispenser2011-08-27
Drafting Table/Desk_Hinge2011-08-27
Drafting Table/Desk_ISOView2011-08-27
Arc for Gate2011-08-29
Robust Z Coupler For Mendel PrusaROTORIT2011-09-02
Mini servo gripper on one plateblddk2011-09-18
Parametric hex head screw or nut knobjridley2011-09-22
Microphone stand device mountjridley2011-09-22
Dual IP camera mountblddk2011-09-24
Tool Hookblddk2011-09-25
Ultimaker drawings redone for CNCrlspell2011-09-25
Hobbing ThingROTORIT2011-10-11
Prusa LM10UU X carriageblddk2011-10-15
Jaw Plates For Rods And TubesROTORIT2011-10-15
Replacement part for cheap furniture casterjridley2011-12-18
Foscam FI8918W IP camera mountblddk2011-12-20
No zip ties LM8UU holder - SCAD/SAE parametric versionjridley2011-12-22
X Axis Wiring Support Hose Clipbmsweb2011-12-24
Gonzo fistUshanka2012-02-22
IP Camera right light adabterblddk2012-02-29
Dial gauge / indicatorsmolkd2012-03-04
MendelMax under-bed power supply mount kitoccamsquattro2012-03-10
MendelMax multi-purpose clipoccamsquattro2012-03-10
30A power supply fan capblddk2012-03-10
Full metal planete replacement partspgu57872012-03-15
Planetary Ring Herb Grinder Ubermeisters2014-01-09